Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)

The Intelligent Mail barcode (formally known as the 4-State Customer Barcode) is the next generation of barcode technology used to sort and track letters and flats, which combine the capabilities of the POSTNET barcode and the Planet Code barcode. Typically this barcode will be produced with an inkjet or laser printer at the time the mailing label is produced. In high volume production environments, it is not possible to rely on the machine operator to verify each document for QA purposes.

During production, things can go wrong with the address label printing, from streaks and skewing, to ensuring the correct barcode was printed. To overcome these challenges, Inspectron has developed an automated Intelligent Mail Barcode verification solution, which can make sure that the barcode on the address label is not only correct, but also meets the USPS standards for mailing.

Sample IMB envelope

With an area inside the barcode for customer serial number, IMB can also be used for piece level tracking, reconciliation, reprints and other Document Integrity applications.

As an extension to Inspectron's Docucheck system, a powerful and flexible range of capture and verification solutions, the IMB engine allows for the following:

  • Auto Locate - minimizes the need to change setup, software or hardware between jobs
  • Auto Orientation - automatically detect IMB in any orientation
  • Decode - Decode every code that is read
  • Audit - Record every code (time and date stamped) that is read to a file or database
  • Quality Check - Check that every code meets USPS requirements in real time at production speeds
  • Piece Level Tracking - Use customer serial number code area for tracking and sequence check
  • Closed Loop Reconciliation - Match IMB codes to an input file or database for reconciliation
  • Automated Reprints - Generate exception reports for reprints
  • Speed - In excess of 100,000 reads per hour
  • Compatible with all of Inspectron’s application suites and ADF solutions

Typical Uses of IMB

  • Optimizing Postage Discounts
  • Sequence Checking
  • Address Masking
  • Split Collations
  • Base Stock Verification
  • Matching
  • Piece Level Reconciliation
  • Piece Level Reporting
  • and many more....
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