A concern shared amongst high volume mailing service providers is the security and accuracy of their production runs. In automated mailing systems where closed faced envelopes are preferred, there has been no non-destructive way to check and ensure that the address printed on the envelope matched the address for the recipient on the enclosure. Until now.

Building on more than 20 years of experience providing Print to Mail Integrity solutions, we are proud to announce the Mag-ID intelligent scanning solution. Using patented technology, Mag-ID allows variable data codes to be ‘read’ through opaque material. The barcodes can be prepared on a standard laser printer – no special inks, fonts or paper.

Mag-ID delivers the enabling technology for the first truly zero risk read and print solutions; it can easily be integrated into any customer environment or application, and because it acts like a normal barcode scanner, you have all of the proven reliability of barcode technology.

Mag-ID Machine Base Reader

Mag-ID (pictured below) gives 100% confidence that there can be no mismatch between personalized contents and the address on the envelope.

Consider Mag-ID in a quality addressing application. Sitting downstream of an inserter, sealed closed face envelopes pass across the Mag-ID read head. Mag-ID reads unique customer information stored within the barcode printed on the enclosed document. Data is decoded and transferred to the inkjet printer software triggering the correct characters for printing; imaging the address on the envelope in a script font. An optional DocuCheck verification camera can confirm the match and delivers a 'proof of mailing' manifest.

With over 1,000 solutions installed worldwide, we are ideally positioned to help with your unique integrity needs.

Features / Benefits

  • No need for Window envelopes
  • Increase mail security
  • Reduce costs
  • Dramatically improve the marketing impact of mail
  • Disguised personalized mailing with 100% confidence

Typical Applications Include

  • Read and print applications
  • Quality addressing applications
  • Secure personalized communications

Handheld Mag-ID Mobile Reader

Inspectron has recently introduced a handheld Mag-ID reader, whilst we were at SDW 2015 in London!!

Mag-ID is capable of reading barcodes printed in magnetic ink or toner through opaque substrates including holograms. The new handheld reader (pictured below) is totally integrated on the Android platform, which can enable a wireless link into a Track and Trace solution.

For more information about Mag-ID, download the brochure or contact one of our specialists today.

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