Remove risk and costly production errors
with the DocuCheck vision system.

The DocuCheck camera inspection and verification system identifies and removes the risks from production printing.

Using intelligent camera systems which are able track key indicators, DocuCheck always knows which piece is where. With its flexible scripting features, DocuCheck ensures that production runs smoothly and common errors (technical, practical or operator) eliminated swiftly and effectively. Multiple, integrated cameras in the production hall will identify problem areas and flag defects. Machine operators will then be alerted with clear traffic light type indications. Camera images can be saved for future usage and will help to inform quality control strategies and procedures.

  • Detects and controls poor quality gold block printing, stitching, die cutting or polycarbonate lamination
  • Real-time image capture, processing and analysis provides a score contained within every image which can be used as an overall indication and measurement of quality
  • Image processing uses de-skew and scaling methods to obtain a best fit of the image for comparison against a reference
  • Items are given an overall pass/fail result. Traffic light type indications alert machine operators increasing overall control.

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