Our Solutions

Improve document security and brand protection with our
inspection, tracking and marking solutions.

Scaleable Modular Solutions

Accountability and traceability are key factors in secure document production. We develop world-class inspection, tracking and marking solutions combined with outstanding technical expertise in order to meet your business requirements.

We progressively build solutions that are tailored to our clients’ precise needs. Your operation will benefit from powerful, real-time information which is securely and efficiently managed, delivering reduced costs and improved productivity.

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Our Solutions

Inspection Solutions

Track and verify all the stages in passport and secure document production with our intelligent inspection systems.

Currency Solutions

Audit and trace every sheet of currency paper with our high-speed currency tracking systems.

ePassport Solutions

Outstanding security reassurance, audit and traceability is guaranteed with our ePassport solutions.

Marking and Tracking Solutions

Mark, check and verify the various stages of the identity document production process with our complete range of solutions.