Marking and Tracking Solutions

Mark, check and verify the various stages of the identity document
production process with our complete range of solutions.

With the growing problem of identity fraud, there is a greater demand for identity documents to incorporate embedded security layers and credentials. Inspectron’s world-class suite of solutions Mark, Check and Verify the various stages of identity document production, providing improved efficiencies and complete security reassurance. Our expertise in this field has led us to hold the position of preferred supplier for European Central Bank quality marking and tracking solutions.

Marking can be achieved by giving each individual item a unique code. This can be a visual barcode or QR code, or an RFID tag.

Checking can be fully managed using our state of-the-art inspection solutions.  These deliver fully automated, in-line tracking and quality checks for the production of smart cards, ID cards and other security documentation.

Verification can be carried out anywhere along the distribution channel to authenticate the item. Marks can be used to allow verification and tracking beyond the production facility. For example, to find out where and when the item was produced, or where it was destined for, etc.

Using our systems, secure documents are all automatically checked, ensuring quality delivery before the personalisation process and reducing overall waste and production costs. This includes verifying multiple fields of variable data, print defects, scratches, inline delamination and multiple other production issues.

In summary, Inspectron’s Marking and Auditing system:

  • Saves time by avoiding the need for manual sampling
  • Identifies scratches and other print defects before the personalisation process reducing remake costs and overall wastage
  • Identifies the complete history to ensure the chip and printed information are applied and assembled correctly
  • Can be part of a wider Track & Trace system beyond production.


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