Our Products

Collect, manage information and communicate throughout the secure printing process.

Collect, Control and Communicate

Inspectron’s suite of workflow tools provide sophisticated job tracking and management information throughout the secure document production process. These integrated workflow solutions are scalable building blocks giving you the power to collect, manage and communicate across virtually any area of production from ID cards, currency, direct mail, e-passports, lottery tickets, packaging and more.

We work in partnership with a global suite of print vendors and solutions providers. Our products are progressively built using the latest technologies and are matched to your priorities and budget. So you can be confident that you can future-proof your investment whatever your set up.

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Our Products


DocuCheck is a camera inspection and verification system that takes the risk out of production printing.


Transponder is designed to work seamlessly with DocuCheck.


Sentinel is a versatile production management system that can be used almost anywhere.