Sentinel is a versatile production management
system that can be used almost anywhere.

Sentinel is a production management system that can work in virtually any arena from secure documents, currency, direct mail, e-passports, bottles, lottery tickets and more.

Use Sentinel to gain integrated workflow monitoring job tracking and production management information. With full integration between Sentinel, Transponder and DocuCheck, every operation in the print factory is truly connected.

Sentinel comprises a versatile toolset making it extendable to every production environment no matter what systems or equipment are used in the factory. Book a demo today and see how Sentinel can help your operation.

  • Full integration of printer and inserter monitoring devices
  • Database driven sheet/piece level tracking
  • Automated reprint file generation
  • Continuous job status monitoring
  • SLA tracking
  • Programmable alerts
  • Visual KPIS and customized reporting
  • Full security backup

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