ePassport Solutions

Outstanding security reassurance, audit and traceability
is guaranteed with our ePassport solutions.

Inspectron’s powerful production database tools provide the complete history of ePassport production, delivering outstanding security reassurance, full audit and traceability.

Manufacturing ePassport requires IT discipline as much as physical and quality control. A dead chip should be eliminated as early as possible during the process, to minimise waste and unnecessary operator intervention downstream.

At each stage of manufacture, where critical operations occur, Inspectron’s system will test the chip and automatically check and enter passport numbers and other features into the database. If an error is found, the item is rejected at the nearest available location and the event recorded. This allows machine operators to ensure that rejects have been accounted for and eases the restart process in case of machine jams or other unusual events.


  • Tracking and real time quality checks to the production line
  • Ensures that the chip and printed information are correct, readable and consistent
  • Full tracking and record keeping
  • Authentication of reports means that the origins of a suspect passport can be traced.

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