Currency Solutions

Audit and trace every sheet of currency paper with our
high–speed currency tracking systems.

Audit and Trace Currency Paper

Currency issuers need tight paper controls and the ability to audit and trace currency paper in the production workflow. Inspectron’s high speed currency tracking system mean that every sheet of paper in the factory can now be accounted for, reducing wastage and improving cost control.

Inspectron’s developers continue to work with suppliers, in both paper production as well as note printing production, to produce a range of solutions for the currency business.

Using intelligent, high-speed readers mounted in production machines at strategic points around the factory, every sheet of paper is marked with a unique printed code which can then be used for page verification and tracking. A central workflow database connects all reading devices together to create a real time picture of pages at every stage of the production workflow.

  • Solution works with leading high-speed inkjet printers – in built redundancy and auto switchover.
  • High-speed readers capture and read codes which can be compared to identify missing paper and deviation patterns.
  • Integrated hand-held readers track waste, QC samples and pallet labels so that all elements are accounted for
  • All data points are linked to machines, operators, shifts and production batches.
  • Flexible data export for shipping manifests.

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